White River National Wildlife Refuge

A couple of weeks ago, Tim and I took off on an exploring drive to eastern Arkansas.  One of our stops was to see a Champion Bald Cypress tree in the White River National Wildlife Refuge near St. Charles, Arkansas.  The American Forest maintains a register of big trees using a “bigness index.”  This index combines a tree’s measures of circumference, height, and spread feet.  The Bald Cypress in the White River Refuge is given an index of 645.  It measured 516″ in circumference and 120′ in height.  Arkansas’ Bald Cypress is not the largest of the species, but it is Arkansas’ largest tree and a very BIG tree.

It is hard to get the perspective.  I am photographing from 50 feet away.

We had to walk into the refuge about a mile to get to the tree.  On the way back we met an interesting couple.  The old gent’ was carrying a rifle – in a wildlife refuge.  Apparently it was the beginning of squirrel season and he wanted to be prepared.

Happy trails!


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