“Who is Jesus?” John 1

The first eighteen verses of John are referred to as The Prologue.  A dictionary defines a prologue as a preliminary discourse; an introduction that calls attention to subsequent themes.  This is certainly what the Apostle John is doing in this marvelous section of scripture.  John absolutely knows what he wants to tell the reader and he puts the themes in his introduction.

  • Jesus is God: in the beginning, Word (Logos – the wisdom and power of God), Creator, Life, Light, glorious, Son, full of grace and truth.
  • Jesus is of God: to bring Light to darkness, to enlighten, to be in the world, to be a man, to give the right to become children of God, to explain God.
  • There are witnesses who testify.  Some who will not and do not believe.  Others receive Him and through Him receive all the fullness of God.

We meet the first witness in John the Baptist.  Through this John and his ministry, Jesus is identified as the Messiah promised and sent from God.  John’s declaration in verse 29 (and again in 36) “Behold the Lamb of God!” is God’s fulfillment of the shadows of the sacrificial lamb Abraham was confident God would provide (Gen. 22), the Passover lamb in the land of Egypt (Ex. 12), and prophecy of the Lamb of God appearing “as if slain” whose blood would purchase men as first fruits for God (Revelation).

John the Baptist also introduces us to the Holy Spirit of God.  Luke’s gospel is striking because of its very physical nature:  Jesus touches and heals, He is crowded by people, he refers to himself as the Son of Man, and Jesus’ suffering is weeping, sweating, and bleeding.  John writes of Jesus healing and touching, but these are presented as signs that point to Jesus’ identity and a spiritual reality.  It is recurring that a member of the religious groups or a disciple cannot understand what Jesus is teaching because they stay in the physical realm.

Jesus’ first words recorded by John are, “What do you seek?”  He asks this of some who would later become his disciples – his followers and students.

“What do you seek?”

What would happen if we prioritized our time with this question?

“What do you seek?”

What would happen if we asked ourselves this question before making a decision?

“What do you seek?”

What difference could it make if we face this question honestly?

“What do you seek?”

What will happen when we find out who Jesus really is?


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  2. Diane
    Oct 06, 2010 @ 00:30:24

    “Jesus’ first words recorded by John are, “What do you seek?”
    Colleen, I love this observation and the questions you have posed. Christ’s statement here truly penetrates the heart.

    Thank you for introducing yourself at the “Tea Party”.

    May the Lord bless you sister.


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