Something very strange happened….

Have you ever wished that you could be in two places at one time?

I did it last night!

I was in Houston at the Inspire Women Awards celebration as well as being in Arkansas on a date with my husband.  What?  The story is one of God’s providence and provision.

For the last five years, I have participated with the CyFair Christian Church (Houson, Texas) ladies Bible study group to support women’s ministry events in Cofradia, Nayarit, Mexico.  A couple of weeks ago, the coordinator of this group, Denise, sent me an email that had been sent to her from another woman whose daughter worked with another woman who volunteers at Inspire Women (did you follow all that?).  The email contained an application for a grant to support women’s ministry groups.  We figured we had nothing to lose and filled out the application and prepared some photos and sent it all to Inspire Women.

Last week Denise received a phone call asking for Colleen.  She explained that Colleen was in Arkansas and that she – Denise –  would be attending the awards evening on November 5.  Denise arrived at the time specified but they could not find her registration.  This ‘little’ detail was worked out and she was shown to her seat – marked ‘Colleen’!

Denise continued to be ‘Colleen’ at the celebration and was blessed to accept a grant on behalf of the Cofradia women’s group. (She is still worried about impersonating me, but we’ll get some good examples out of this.)

The “Who is Jesus?” series will soon sharpen its focus to highlight the “I AM” saying of Jesus.  Do we believe him?  Is there other evidence to testify as to his identity?  If someone tries to impersonate him, would we know it?  What do his statements and person mean to us?

I hope to do some posts about the women in Cofradia.  Meanwhile, here is a summary of what these two amazing groups of women have shared as sisters in Christ.

From the grant application:

The Ladies Bible Study (LBS) of CyFair Christian Church (CFCC), Houston, Texas, has supported a women’s mission team to the women of Centro Cristiano in Cofradia, Nayarit, Mexico in each of the last five years.  Each year’s visit has included several days of worship, Bible stories, teaching seminars, crafts, and games.

1.     Year one was spent introducing them to the concept of women’s ministry with four days of retreat-type events – worship, teaching, crafts, and small groups.  A total of $1200 was raised to invest in library materials, music, and audio Bibles.

2.     The second year team worked with the missionary to identify and train leaders to facilitate small group Bible study.  The CFCC LBS group purchased “He Speaks to Me” by Priscilla Shirer in Spanish and left these with the local group.

3.     In the third year we added a Spa Day.  It was gratifying to see the local women voluntarily wait on and serve each other.  Personal notes and encouraging letters were greatly treasured and the Cofradia women began to respond in kind with notes and letters sent back to the Houston group.  The CFCC LBS provided “Conversation Peace” by Mary Kassian.

4.     The worship and teaching time in the fourth year was spent preparing “The Drama of Ruth,” a dramatic reading of the Book of Ruth.  The drama was practiced and presented to a large (over 400) crowd in the new church facility in Cofradia.  The women in each village prepared a dance as part of the drama – Funeral Dirge, Harvest Dance, Wedding Dance.  “Living Beyond Yourself: Exploring the Fruit of the Spirit” by Beth Moore was provided for the women.

5.     After last year’s events, the Cofradia group expressed to the missionary team that they wanted to do a ‘reverse day’ in 2011.  The Cofradia women will do one day of the retreat program by preparing worship, a Bible message on one of the ‘I AM’s of Jesus, and a craft for the CFCC LBS group.  “Lord, I Want to Know You” by Kay Arthur has been purchased this year.

Two places at once – only God could arrange this!


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