Garvan Gardens – Dressed for Christmas

One of the highlights of the Christmas season around here is visiting Garvan Gardens all dressed up for Christmas.  They advertise that they are lit with 1.8 million lights and I believe it!  I also do not want to make an attempt to verify their claim.

The lake is decorated with a magic fish and blue lights.  The trees literally drip with illumination.  Every time I see the lighted fish I want to recite from one of my children’s books:

O fish in the sea;

Come listen to me,

My wife begs a wish;

From the magic fish.

You are surely able to guess the rest of the story;  none of the woman’s wishes bring her what she really wishes for.  Her final wish is to have things return to the way they were before.

I hope that you are wishing for the things that bring true happiness; pray that your faith is in The Assurance of things hoped for, the Evidence of things not seen.



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