Cofradia 2011 – Joy and Laughter

I have been reflecting on our women’s mission trip to Cofradia, Mexico, trying to distill a year of planning and a week’s activity into a summary. The essence of my reflection is summarized by ‘Joy and Laughter’.

Sunday morning services brought old friends to the church compound and each was greeting with exclamations of joy, kisses, hugs, and admiration of new babies. The women’s meetings each day ran from 9-11:30. These included crafts, door prizes, singing, testimonies, and special guest appearances by the Woman at the Well, the Boy with the Loaves and Fishes, and Colleen in her pajamas! (Essential Bible study attire.)

Our big event occurred on Wednesday. This year featured a “Reverse Day.” The local women prepared a craft, provided door prizes for us, and gave the morning program with testimonies and a prepared meditation. A section of our team cooked a Texas southern meal in the evening. The supper was followed by a talent show, lots of music and fun, a movie, a bonfire with s’mores, and a sleepover – all at the new church building.

The sleepover was an activity that the local women had wanted to do for quite some time. It was quite a learning experience for them AND THEIR HUSBANDS as they do not usually leave their children at home. I must say their enthusiasm and participation in strange and unfamiliar activities was a highlight for me. During the night, the acoustics from the church were such that our laughter and music could be heard throughout the whole village. People sitting out on their porches or the street were seen to be laughing along as they heard our joy and laughter.

The church ladies sure know how to have fun! I will use some time these next few posts to tell you more specific details of our week of joy and laughter.


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