Husbands and Wives – Cofradia 2011

The formal theme for this year’s women’s mission trip to Cofradia was “Who is Jesus?”  The theme that emerged during the week was “Husbands and Wives.”  As with women all over the globe, our husbands, children, and homes (the reality of them or the lack of them) are our most common concern.

Secu and daughters

This is Secu and her four daughters.  Her husband works in the United States about six months out of the year leaving Secu with her girls.  The family has been blessed financially and the husband was saved through an evangelist while here, but this is a hard way to shepherd and raise a family.  Please pray that Secu’s husband would find enough work at home to be a full time father and husband and grow to be a leader and elder in the Cofradia church.


Meet Lydia.  She is 21 or 22 years old and the mother of 4 young children.  Lydia has served as our worship leader for several years and, when temporarily released from her cares, shines with joy.  Lydia testified to some physical and emotional difficulties she had experienced in the past year in her marriage.  I was thrilled that she was able to come to the sleepover and just be a daughter and sister for the evening.


I was in a group that ate lunch at Josefina’s house.  She has 10 children and also cares for a disabled sister.  She shared that when she first started going to church regularly, her husband did not like her to go.  As she studied God’s word and worshiped, she began to change in her heart.  This was something her husband noticed.  Now, although he does not yet attend with her, he encourages her to go.  Josefina testified that her study of God’s word has changed her ‘house’.

Isabel and Joshua

Isabel was our primary interpreter.  She has worked with Alternative Missions staff for many, many years and is a delight to know.  She has moved to a new village about an hour away from Cofradia (and all of her friends and support group) in order for her husband to work.  There are many difficulties in her marriage but I so admire her moving to a new place.  There is no Christian church and she may be willing to work with a couple of her friends to begin a Bible study with them.  Please pray for her continued faithfulness and submission to her husband and for her strength and opportunity to begin sowing the gospel into new friendships.

“Who is Jesus?”  Revelation tells us that Jesus is the bridegroom coming for his Bride, the church.  Husbands and Wives is a most apt theme for our consideration and prayers.

CREDIT DUE:  I didn’t know what part of our wonderful week I was going to write about today until I read this post on a blog I visit almost every day.


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  1. The Simple Life of a Country Man's Wife
    Jan 18, 2011 @ 09:16:42

    Lovely post and photos 🙂


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