Cofradia 2012 – Reflections

We had a wonderful trip to Cofradia! The team was willing and open and the local ladies were warm and open. This was our 6th trip and the growth in all the ladies – the support group and the Cofradia group – is a work of God that is visible.

Here is a photo of the entire group on Wednesday morning:

Cofradia 2012

I have been reflecting and if I had to chose a theme for this year’s trip I think it would be something like “Real Life” or maybe “Life and Death”. Several of the long-time ladies in the local group are affected by the impending death of a loved one and I think I want to relay their stories to you in the coming days. For now, here are their photos and a request for prayers for them:

Rosa - A momentary sweetness for her broken heart

Secu - Renewed by The Word at night

I wonder if I have settled on the mentioned themes because of the overall focus on the Psalms. These laments and praises truly do reflect real life and I think the women responded to them because of that. Another clue was that the new members of the Houston team specifically mentioned recognizing that the Cofradia women had many of the same issues that we all face – cultures are different but human needs are the same.

Enough for now – check back to get the stories behind these photos….



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