It has been a bit of time since I added a post. This seems to happen after my January trip to Mexico – really not a bad thing but rather a sigh and looking back on such a wonderful experience.

I took an opportunity I have here at my local church to put together a summary of what the ladies’ groups have done in Cofradia. You can help pray that it is useful to begin or further a conversation with one of our missionaries in women’s ministry. Cofradia report summary This is a PDF that may or may not be of interest to anyone, but I do ask that you pray for the Cofradia women’s group, the CyFair ladies, and the First Baptist Church women’s groups.

Thank you.

I am involved in an exciting adventure this year. Our women’s study leadership group is doing a trial run with a daily chronological Bible reading program. The web site is here – As We Walk Along – and you are invited to click the sidebar there to join in. An email will be sent to you daily with questions based on the reading and your comments are very welcome! I admit to having a lot of comments on the blog – just can’t help myself – I am excited about this opportunity and the potential for more to join “As We Walk Along”. Isn’t that really why we do Bible study? To feed on, to correct our walk, to invite others to join, and to say “Come!”


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